⇢I'm _____________, but my nickname is nicky I'm from Brazil, but someday I intend to live in Canada. I
⇢Into in retro entertainments, history, astronomy, zoology,geopolitics,arts,philosophy,quatum physics theories,documentaries, games and old webs.
⇢I'm a fuck tomboy and a lesbian. I was born in April, I am a Taurus (I do not believe in many signs, but I like to research about)
⇢Currently I want to become a vegetarian ⇢I love animals, my favorites are cats and maned wolves
⇢I have one dog
⇢ My mbti type are INFJ | alignment is Good Neutral | type 6 with 6w5 wing
⇢Look i'm very shy and my english is kind....a shit,soo i'm sorry if i take to much time to respond